Cooper Overstreet

Husband + Father + Kansan + Advocate

Why vote Coop for Douglas County District Attorney?

As a dedicated Lawrence defense attorney, Cooper Overstreet knows that the criminal justice system in Douglas County is broken. And he knows how to fix it.

Cooper grew up in Augusta, Kansas and is a fourth generation Kansan. He attended KU and KU law, after which he worked as a defense attorney in Lawrence. During this time Cooper represented individuals from all walks of life all over the state. From traffic offenses, to serious felonies, Cooper witnessed how clients, victims and communities are all negatively impacted by our broken criminal justice system.  He found the situation most dire in Douglas County, where the scourge of mass incarceration, combined with prosecutorial mismanagement, consistently harms the most vulnerable among us.

Cooper believes that a District Attorney can either be part of the problem or part of the solution. His experience on the front lines of the criminal justice system, and his advocacy for our forgotten friends and neighbors, make him the ideal candidate for Douglas County District Attorney.

Cooper is running as a true progressive. He wants to start a new conversation about the meaning of justice in Douglas County. In short, he believes that the system is broken, but that with your help, real change is possible. Our home can—and will—become a model for progressive, compassionate criminal justice reform.

Vote Coop in the Douglas County Democratic Primary on August 4, 2020!

Go to to register to vote or to request a mail-in ballot.